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I have been reading Tarot Cards for over 25 years. The stunning accuracy and insights that are deeply entwined in these cards, over time, are remarkable!
I offer 1-on-1 Tarot readings over the phone – I am also a qualified Astrologer. I studied this incredible science under the Universe’s BEST and highly specialised astrology teachers right here in Australia!

Examples of questions…
1. Is this a relationship question?
2. A business question?
3. A burning, flickering, highly-specific question?
4. Other?

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Please note times available are ACST as I am based in Adelaide, South Australia.

Tarot is the art of divination used to foretell the future, or gain insight into a person’s life, be that love, business, health and much more.

The question you will ask me is the most important part of the reading.

A Tarot reading is not set in stone as we all have free will.

I will give you a factual, genuine and powerful Tarot reading and I look forward to providing it to you.

Warm regards,

Carolyn Wild.

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Carolyn Wild

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