Natural Beeswax Candles: 50 Tealight Candles – Australia

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Pure Organic Beeswax: 50 Tealight Candles

The most economical way to buy a bunch of beautiful South Australian tealights. Our special beeswax tealights feature a large, steady and bright flame – stellar glow!

Ideal for relaxation, romance or meditation, or just to share for pure pleasure! These beautifully hand-crafted 100% pure beeswax tealights present a unique experience.
Enjoyment is synonymous with these candles.

50 Natural Beeswax Tealights made in Adelaide, South Australia. These pure beeswax tealights each come in their own individual Tealight Cup.

NOTE: These Tealights burn hotter and brighter than other tealight candles. They are not meant to be used to heat small wax-melt containers or aromatherapy burners! Place the Tealights on a fire proof saucer surrounded by a clear space.

Simply, pure and natural beeswax candles!

Tealight candles are meant to be lit only once, so why not make a wish for yourself or for someone special who is close to your heart? – Light as many as your heart desires………………

“TEA LIGHT CUPS – Made from flame resistant plastic, a favourite tea light cup where you can see the flame flicker all the way to the end. The plastic used is recyclable. Polycarbonate tealight cups are made from the highest grade of heat resistant polycarbonate plastic and are excellent for making coloured tea lights.  Our tealights pass the Australian standard for safety”. – Australian Supplier.

5 reviews for Natural Beeswax Candles: 50 Tealight Candles – Australia

  1. yvonne

    beautiful candles 5 Star Review
    Posted by yvonne on 30th Mar 2015

    great look and fragrance

  2. Fiona

    Posted by Fiona, Geelong, Vic. on 18th Sep 2015

    I have burnt tea-lights for many years without realising I could get pure beeswax candles at reasonable prices. I am now realising the benefits of the pure beeswax and I thank you for making them affordable, especially as each has its own cup – you make tea-lights easy to use!
    I am pleased to say I have been converted and am thrilled that I have found your site.

  3. Gen

    Beautiful Honey scented candles 5 Star Review
    Posted by Gen Mangan on 5th Jun 2016

    When my honey scented tea candles arrived I could smell the honey through the box they were in.. without even opening it. Delightful!!
    And I love the warm golden glow of them

    Gen Mangan

  4. Anne

    Beautiful burning 5 Star Review
    Posted by Anne on 25th Jun 2016

    These tea lights burn beautifully and for the perfect time required for my aromatherapy burner. The service and communication at honey candles is also efficient and personal. Highly recommended. Thank you

  5. Sonia

    Thank you Carolyn,

    I received them Wednesday & started using them straight away, that gorgeous honey scent I remembered!

    Thank you so much for the gift you included as well ?

    Kind regards,


    • cwild10

      Hi Sonia,

      Thank you for your lovely words – enjoy! xx

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