Beeswax Tealights – Set of 10 Tealight Refills



Astrology and Candles classic 100% pure and natural beeswax refills.

Simply place these pure beeswax refills into your re-usable glass containers. Each refill will provide 5 hours of soft light to enhance any space.Ideal for personal relaxation or meditation, or to share for dining or romance, these beautifully hand-crafted 100% pure beeswax tealights present a unique experience.

Enjoyment is synonymous with these candles – for yourself or another special person!
Simply, pure and natural beeswax candles!

Tealight candles are meant to be lit only once, so why not make a wish for yourself or for someone special who is close to your heart? – Light as many as your heart desires………………

NOTE: These Tealights burn hotter and brighter than other tealight candles. They are not meant to be used to heat small wax-melt containers or aromatherapy burners! Place the Tealights on a fire proof saucer surrounded by a clear space.

Product Details 
10: Pure Beeswax Refills
Flame Time: 5+


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