Six Pure 100% Natural Beeswax Egg Candles



Six Pure Beeswax Egg shaped Candles

100% Pure, Natural Beeswax Egg Candle is beautiful to watch as it gently melts down revealing a soft, warm, golden centre of pure light!

Pure Beeswax Eggs: To dream of eggs symbolises fertility, newness, birth and creative ideas. Also may indicate that a change is just around the corner! An egg can also be taken as a symbol of spiritual development and awareness, linking to your progress in life leading to positive outcomes.

Product Details
Weight: 65 gm
Height:  70 mm

Something interesting!
Ostara, Goddess of Spring and the Dawn
Easter is named after a Saxon goddess who was known by the names of Oestre or Eastre, and in Germany by the name of Ostara. She is a goddess of the dawn and the spring, and her name derives from words for dawn, the shining light arising from the east.

Ostara was, of course, a fertility goddess. Bringing in the end of winter, with the days brighter and growing longer after the vernal equinox, Ostara had a passion for new life. Her presence was felt in the flowering of plants and the birth of babies, both animal and human. Brightly coloured eggs and bunnies were all used at festival time to express appreciation for Ostara’s gift of abundance. (well known for its propensity for rapid reproduction) was her sacred animal.

With Spring’s arrival, winter comes to a close, and the earth bursts forth with life – the seeds of knowledge.


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