A Bit about me  

If it happened for others it can happen for you too! 7th of December 2023.

My Journey so far….(I will continue writing more as time drifts along)

I attended high school for the very first time at the age of 40. This is where my thirst for knowledge took off. I am forever a student and those years were fabulous! I hated school when I was young, the teachers had their hands full with a rebellious but somewhat shy and insecure child.

Now with High School done I was wondering what to study next, had no idea so I completed a Dip in Office Administration at TAFE. At the same time I had a love for natural healing. As a child I loved plants, hiding in trees and bringing home stray cats and dogs; most of these darling critters were usually pregnant. I was always in strife but still managed to take care of them. One day I came home with a horse! He was a beautiful bay boy. His name was Stephen’s Boy, he had no saddle as he was a Trotter so riding bare-back was fine in those days without a silly helmet! 

But I digress. My passion for healing took me into the world of obtaining a Government Certified Accreditation as a Massage Practitioner and the endless therapies that came after.


Chinese Massage

Dip in Aromatherapy (which holds many distinctive healing powers in it’s own right)

Bowen Technique 


Reiki 1,2,3.

Access Bars Therapy    

And many more……..

TAROT CARDS have been with me as long as I can remember. I have studied with various teachers worldwide.

VIRGO MOON PAGES – An online metaphysical bookshop. This lovely bookshop came from my love of reading and of course my studies in ASTROLOGY.


I used to create my own range of organic beeswax candles simply because I was very disappointed in the rubbish around. Soy and Palm wax candles, well that’s another story. I do have a favourite soy candle that I’m very fond of.

In 2024 I am considering restarting my Candle Business simply because I miss them and their healing qualities!

To be continued…..